Frank Murgia

Internet Marketer and Pittsburgh Speaker Frank Murgia

Frank Murgia

Social Media expert and creative director of tni media and the Pittsburgh Podcast Network

With a career spanning 25 years in the entertainment industry, Frank Murgia is currently a corporate speaker on the topic of Internet marketing and ways to use the World Wide Web to move the social media needle. In his free time, he is a boxing ring announcer and speaks on behalf of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Frank cut his teeth with talent network, inc. in Pittsburgh as an entertainment booking agent, talent manager and live events producer. Looking for a new challenge at the next level, Frank took a ten year pivot in Hollywood, producing television shows for MTV, ESPN and the Family Channel (to name a few). Aside from producing, he hosted several game show pilots and appeared as a zombie in two horror movies.

Frank is the Creative Director tni media, llc. agency, helping entertainers and brands connect and engage their target audience by developing an online expert presence through web sites, blogs, podcasts, original content and social media. He is also behind the Pittsburgh Podcast Network, producing and hosting a variety of podcasts geared towards comedy, entertainment and sports.

With skills behind and in front of the camera, and on and off stage, Frank Murgia brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and energy as a master of ceremonies, event host, spokesperson, panel moderator and digital media industry authority.